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Dear SSG member,

In order to ensure to comply with the new GDPR legislation, I will not be
allowed to send group SSG emails unless you reply to
this message and opt in to receive these in future. In general, I only do
this very rarely, such as for sending subscription renewal
reminders or when a new article is published on the website. Hopefully this
is useful rather than intrusive!

On which note:

1. A gentle reminder that the new subscription year has begun and you can
renew your membership as usual here:


2. The latest article (submitted by Dr John Scaife) is "Roll out the
barrel". It is a history of the Scaifes of Pocklington with
particular reference to their brewery business and well worth a read. See
it here:


Please reply to this email if you wish to receive future reminders.


Bernard (SSG Records Officer and Webmaster)