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Frances Henrietta Scaife born 2 Sept 1814 died 15 Dec 1900

I have Frances's ( GG Grandmother) parents as William and Ann ( Norbury) Scaife of Pocklington. I am hoping for confirmation that this information is correct before I pursue the rest of the family plus William and Ann's ancestors. I am particularly interested in where the family might have lived in Pocklington plus where their ancestors might have lived. I am coming to the UK shortly and would like to visit any known areas - hence the slight urgency in this request. I will be able to continue my genealogy searches via the internet on my return. Frances married Thomas Stephenson ( Mar 22 1836 Bishophill Junior York) so was there a connection with York?
Any knowledge of this family would be appreciated.
Thank you Gill

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Pocklington Scaifes

Hi Gill,
You are on the right tracks. There have been Scaifes in Pocklington since at least the beginning of the 17th century, but there are so many, it becomes all a bit difficult to unravel! It is not unlikely that they had relatives in York, it being the big city close by. I have William born July 29 1779 Pocklington son of Christopher Scaife and Hannah Weathehead who married in nearby New Malton in 1767. How are you getting on going backwards in the family tree?
thanks Bernard

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