Scaifes in Pocklington

I am descended from Thomas Hodge and Ann Scaife who lived at Owsthorpe Mill near Pocklington in the early 1800s. Their son, John Scaife Hodge, became the miller at Clock Mill, Pocklington until he was declared bankrupt in 1856.

Ellen Smith had the mill in 1823, John Scaife in 1834, Hannah Scaife (nee Smith) was named in 1844, after John died, and John Scaife Hodge was there in 1851.

Thomas Hodge's wife, Ann Scaife was born in Hull in 1787, but her parents, John Scaife and Ellen Smith were married in Pocklington, in 1785. John Scaife who married Hannah Smith, was the son of Thomas Scaife and Dorothy Linton, I think.

I would love to know how they are all connected, if anyone can help.