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Washingtons of Virginia

From my research on Rev John Skaife who emigrated to Virginia in abt 1710, It appears that information might indicate that Rev John baptized George Washingtion. On GW's christening cup are the initials GW and JS. Another source that I have read indicate that George's father Augustine was a brother to a Major John Washington who married a girl named Catherine Whiting. Catherine has the Winton Scaife crest on her tombstone. Catherine's mother was an Elizabeth who is not named. This Elizabeth married a Henry Whiting. Henry was married many times but Elizabeth might have been his first. One source I have (and he is deceased) has this Elizabeth as being the sister of Rev John. If this is true, she must have preceded him to the colonies as her daughter was born in Gloucester county, Virginia on 22 May 1694. In the Americas the Washingtons were in the gentry along with the Lewis, Whiting, Peachy families. It was custom for the families, of the gentry, to have things, like Christenings, held in their homes. Rev John married a Lewis and his only surviving child married a Whiting. Any comments? A question comes to mind; A genealogy of the Robinson family has Rev John coming from Leonard son of Henry son of Leonard. If that were true then that line would not be using the Winton crest. Or,,,is there a link to this line?
Jack Scaife

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Hi Jack, Very interesting! In

Hi Jack,

Very interesting! In terms of John's descendancy via Leonard son of Henr son of Leonard, I think that is unlikely to be correct. That John was related to the Mowbray branch and married Jane having a family and descendants in Sutton Yorks (Felixkirk parish). DNA indicates this branch is linked with Braisty Woods and is probably genetically separate to the branches of the family who were entitled to use the Winton crest

The John who emigrated was probably son of John Skeife of Cowtley near Sedbergh and Mary his wife. John (who emigrated is mentioned in Alumnia Canterbrigiones until 1705 after which his biography dries up, indicating that he has gone to Virginia where the trail begins again.

See this issue of the Sentinel for more on John of Cowtley. http://www.scaifestudygroup.org.uk/node/378

I think I left a John out of

I think I left a John out of the message. Rev John's father was another John as you stated.
Rev John died around 1736. He and his second wife died in the same week. His first wife, of the Lewis family, and two of his children died in a two week period and are buried in the Lewis family cemetery. It appears that the wife died in childbirth as one of the children died a couple of days later.
Rev John left no male issue. But the Skaife name does appear in some of the major colonial families. It appears as middle names.
He must have been well liked and well connected. He was involved with
William and Mary college upon his death and was still a church pastor.
A question for you Bernard. Have you looked at the Skaife connection under the "cookie crumb ancestry"? It shows a Skaife connection to about 14 US Presidents and Princess Diana as well as a historical pirate among others. This Skaife connection is from Leonard Skaife and Ann Lamb. Since we have a connection, I think, to this Leonard Skaife, you might find it interesting.

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Thanks for the Cookie Crumb

Thanks for the Cookie Crumb tip. Lots of interesting connections there!

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