Washingtons of Virginia

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Washingtons of Virginia

From my research on Rev John Skaife who emigrated to Virginia in abt 1710, It appears that information might indicate that Rev John baptized George Washingtion. On GW's christening cup are the initials GW and JS. Another source that I have read indicate that George's father Augustine was a brother to a Major John Washington who married a girl named Catherine Whiting. Catherine has the Winton Scaife crest on her tombstone. Catherine's mother was an Elizabeth who is not named. This Elizabeth married a Henry Whiting. Henry was married many times but Elizabeth might have been his first. One source I have (and he is deceased) has this Elizabeth as being the sister of Rev John. If this is true, she must have preceded him to the colonies as her daughter was born in Gloucester county, Virginia on 22 May 1694. In the Americas the Washingtons were in the gentry along with the Lewis, Whiting, Peachy families. It was custom for the families, of the gentry, to have things, like Christenings, held in their homes. Rev John married a Lewis and his only surviving child married a Whiting. Any comments? A question comes to mind; A genealogy of the Robinson family has Rev John coming from Leonard son of Henry son of Leonard. If that were true then that line would not be using the Winton crest. Or,,,is there a link to this line?
Jack Scaife