Another E1b1b1

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Another E1b1b1

I have uncovered another E1b1b1 - namely Judson Thomas Skaife in the USA. Maybe this gentleman is known to SSG members, but my USA records are in their infancy and I do not have him placed. His name drew me to Yorkshire where there were three Thomas Scaife Judsons - Pocklington and Leeds in the nineteenth century. There were also Judsons at Aldfield, Pateley Bridge, and in Ripon. The 'k' spelling is prominent in those parts.

However, what is particularly interesting is that Mr Skaife's DNA markers total 25, and in 24 of these he has an identical match with Bernard Scaife our Records Officer, John Skaife our recent Treasurer, and yours truly. The distintive marker is 449, where Mr Skaife has 34 repeats (I hope that I have this terminology correct), Bernard Scaife has 32, John Skaife has 33, and I have 31.

Perhaps someone can elaborate on this and identify our USA 'cousin'.

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This is fascinating but sadly

This is fascinating but sadly I have no information I can contribute. If you are reading this Mr. Skaife, do get in touch so we can compare family trees.

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