Scaifes in Barnsley,West Yorkshire

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Scaifes in Barnsley,West Yorkshire

I have just joined the study group and would be interested to hear from anyone who has links with my family line.

I was born in Barnsley in 1950 and I have traced the Scaife side of my family through my father, Arthur and his father, also Arthur, born in Birkenshaw, Yorkshire. The census info takes me back to William Scaife, born 1821/22 in Whitlington, Lancashire.

Jes Scaife

Regret not a member of your

Regret not a member of your family, which is significant in Scaife history, and considerably well researched.

There are currently two articles in the SSG publications written by our Chairman, Dr John Scaife - Through a glass dimly: The Skaifes of Hornby, Lancashire Pt.1 and In search of a sharper image:The Skaifes of Hornby, Lancashire Pt.2 Additional Parts are in progress and will no doubt touch on Birkenshaw, Yorkshire, at some point. All are essential reading.

To the best of my knowledge the Group do not have a DNA analysis for this Scaife family. As the known origins take us back to North West England some 400 years ago, it would be beneficial to have the DNA for comparison purposes with other family groups. May I suggest that you contact our Chairman for further information.

Scaifer Mem.7

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