About us

The Scaife Study Group (SSG) exists to provide a mechanism for those interested in the surname, to collaborate at a formal level. In this way, it is intended that research can be furthered for the benefit of all family historians.

The group was founded in June 1997, and has not limited its research to the most common modern spelling. It is recognised that there are many Skaifes and other variant spellings. These are included within the overall framework of aims. The SSG is a non-profit making organisation with its objectives clearly described in a constitution, and decisions made by majority Committee consent.

Recent research would indicate multiple origins of our surname and not only from from the Danish and Scandinavian incursions into Britain during the Dark Ages, perhaps around 850AD as was initially thought. The name is specifically mentioned in records during the 13th Century. Tracing the development of families from that time and their subsequent geographical dispersal, figures strongly in the group's objectives.

The promotion of Scaife family history includes the preservation and security of archival material from disparate sources; the collation and dissemination of research; and the publication of material where appropriate.

At its peak, there were approximately 100 members worldwide and much valuable data was collected. We welcome enquiries from all interested parties, including those who can add to our information. Unfortunately, due to the volume of emails we receive, we are unable to guarantee answering genealogical enquiries from non-members. This newly created website will be the primary communication tool between Scaife researchers allowing us to record our surname's history for posterity.

  • Material may be downloaded or reproduced from this site for personal historical research purposes only. The permission of the Scaife Study Group is required in all other cases where reproduction is intended. Users must not manipulate the electronic data contained herein with the intention of concealing its authorship in any way.
  • Data is published in good faith, but neither the webmaster or the Scaife Study Group are responsible for their accuracy. Views expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of the entire Committee or membership.
  • The Laws concerning copyright and data protection are respected and the webmaster reserves the right to refuse or remove any contribution where it is felt that a breach of law may arise.