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April 4th 2022:

The descent of Arthur Skaif of Oldwall's family from Cumberland to London is now published.

December 30th 2021:

Descent from a spurious child : Scaiffe of West End is now published. Find out more about tracing the origins of some of the Scaiffes of Fewston.

September 1st 2021:

James Scaife telegraphist, operator and administrator of the Victorian Internet 1859-1895 is now published. Find out more about James's involvement in early mass communication technology.

June 1st 2021:

Mrs Lucy Scaife, Post Mistress of Pocklington is now published. She was born Lucy Tasker. Find out more about Lucy's life and her husband's Scaife family.

February 3rd 2021: Transported beyond the Seas at His Majesty’s Pleasure

is now published. It concerns one William Thomas Scaife who ended up in Australia.

June 22nd 2020: ‘A Most Barbaric and Cruel Murder’ : The murder of Mary Jane Skaife, 1858

is now published.

Issue 16 of the Sentinel, dated August 2002, outlined the murder of Mary Jane Skaife of Darley, under the heading ‘The Grave of the Murdered Girl’. The present article, which will appear in two parts, treats of the murder from a different perspective. The ensuing trial of Thomas Atkinson was a landmark in criminal law marking the early steps taken into the study and treatment of mental illness and what later would be called ‘psychology’. Part 1, explains how the trial and its outcome changed the way that the judiciary, politicians, the press and the general public viewed Atkinson’s plea of madness. Part 2 touches upon the remaining family members, revealing how they and the local community responded to the event.

February 16th 2020: The Skaifes of Hornby Lancashire Part 4

is now published.

September 4th 2019: A Black and Terrible Troop

is now published.

March 30th 2019: William Scaife of Cape Town

is now published.

January 4th 2019: Three Weddings and a Funeral

is now published.

October 5th 2018: A guest of the Kaiser

is now published.

July 18th 2018: Scaife and Wass family connections

is now published.

April 29th 2018: Roll out the barrel

is now published.

January 21st 2018: A black sheep in the family

is now published.

August 4th 2017: Inquest into the death of Jane Skaife of Dacre

is now published.

April 2nd 2017: An update of developments in the field of DNA R1b haplogroup

is now published.

December 18th 2016: John Skayff, King's Pursuivant in the North (Part 2 of 2)

is now published.

July 5th 2016: John Skayff, King's Pursuivant in the North (Part 1 of 2)

is now published He was messenger to the King and Queen's Majesties during the 16th Century.

March 15th 2016: Five Scaife Brothers

is now published and describes the experiences of our former Secretary John H Scaife's family during the Second World War.

Nov 5th 2015: Elizabeth Scaife a 'Pioneer Salvationist'

is now published.

Aug 10th 2015: Part two of The Scaifes of Allerton Mauleverer and Cliffe Hall

is now published.

May 21st 2015: The Scaifes of Allerton Mauleverer and Cliffe Hall - Part 1

This case study on searching for Catholic Scaife families gives a fascinating insight into the movements of one family and useful information on the sources which can be used to try to fill in the gaps where the usual records are not as easy to find or may not even exist.

Dec 29th 2014: E3b Haplogroup: 

The view from Mowbray. Another year almost gone and another article to see it out which provides further analysis of the E3b Haplogroup. A Happy New Year to all our members.

Sep 21st 2014: Part 3 of the Skaifes of Hornby: 

The loom goes click and the loom goes clack.

Sep 13th 2014: William Borrett Scaife : The Later Years 1853-1876

Our latest publication describes the later life of businessman William Borrett Scaife of Pittsburgh.

Mar 26th 2014: Extracts of Leicester Scaife's First World War memoirs. Part One

Our latest publication draws from five sources to give a graphic description of Leicester Scaife's wartime experiences, including some of the poetry which he wrote.

Mar 10th 2014: Ann Scafe was Lady's Maid to the Duchess of Devonshire.

Our latest publication traces her family origins and includes a transcription of her journal which she wrote when accompanying the Duchess to Paris shortly before the birth of the Marquis of Hartington.

Jan 3rd 2014: Scaifes who Served in the Confederate Army

Happy New Year! Our first 2014 publication is a listing of Scaifes who served in America on the Confederate side between 1861 and 1865. More publications will follow shortly.

May 6th 2013: Scaife Sentinel May 2013 - final issue

The final edition of our journal in its current form is now published with some reflections, material about the Leeds Scaifes, more on Jonathan Scafe etc. Many thanks to John H Scaife for his hard work on the Journal which first appeared way back in 1997 and owes its longevity largely due to John's dedication. There will be theme specific publications from now on.

Feb 10th 2013: Scaife Sentinel Jan 2013

The latest edition of our journal is now published with information on the Scaifes of Aspatria, and then moving to West Yorkshire, Yearwith, Ripley and Killinghall. Also included are Scaifes from the York
Cause Papers.

Dec 27th 2012: Christmas Update

I have done some work to improve the website. The search facility is enhanced so that if you conduct a search, it looks inside the PDF files to see if the words occur there. The other thing I have done is to upgrade the DNA section of the site to reflect the progress being made in this area, in particular with regard to the E3b haplogroup. Comments welcome.

Nov 10th 2012: Encore E3b.

Further DNA results which add to our knowledge of the E3b haplotype can be viewed here

Oct 9th 2012: Stories, articles and more from the Scaife collection of John William (Jack) Scaife of York.

The article can be viewed here

Sep 9th 2012: Part 2 of an article about the Scaifes of Hornby

Concerning Thomas Skaife, artist and pistolgraphist. The article can be viewed here

May 7th 2012: Latest Scaife Sentinel published and an article about the Scaifes of

Latest Sentinel includes pieces on family ties between Scaifes and Vevers of Killinghall; Bigamy; and a connection with the Washingtons of Virginia amongst other things. Read it here. Also published today, an article by our Chairman Dr. John Scaife about the Scaifes of Hornby Lancashire including their links with Canada. That can be read here.

Dec 24th 2011: Latest Scaife Sentinel published

Includes pieces on High Bishopside Scaifes and is themed on Scaifes, Horses and Hounds. Read it here.

Nov 25th 2011: Updated statement on DNA project

We have now come to a conclusion on the future direction of the project, given the takeover of DNA Heritage by Family Tree DNA. See here for full details.

Sep 24th 2011: The Scaifes of Windhill, Idle

See . An article by Dr John Scaife on the Scaifes of Windhill, Idle and Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Sep 24th 2011: Skeifi, McSkerff and Scarff of Mann

See . An article by Dr John Scaife on variant spellings of the Sc/kaife surname and the Scaife/Manx link.

Sep 13 2011: Henry Skaiffe of Heighington, Durham

See . An article by Dr. John Scaife about the Durham branch of the family.

Sep 5th 2011: Latest Scaife Sentinel published

Includes pieces on John Scafe in Bishopside, Some North Pennine Scaifes about whom
little is known and Blasterfield. Read it here.

Aug 6th 2011: Family Tree DNA takeover

We will shortly place an updated statement on this here.

June 19 2011: E3b - the dominant Scaife Haplogroup?

You can find an update on E3b research here.

June 02 2011: Latest Scaife Sentinel released.

Go to the following link to find the May 2011 Scaife Sentinel.

May 09 2011: An update of Dr John Scaife's Origins booklet concerning Haplogroup R1a.

See West O'er the Sea I Came.

Dec 18 2010: Another Scaife Sentinel released.

Go to the Sentinel page to find the January 2011 Sentinel.

Oct 10 2010: Latest Scaife Sentinel released.

Go to the Sentinel page to find the September 2010 Sentinel.

May 1 2010: Scaife Sentinel released.

Go to the Sentinel page to find the May 2010 Sentinel.

Dec 24 2009: Merry Christmas.

Website's Drupal software updated today.

Oct 1 2009: Latest Scaife Sentinel released.

Go to the Sentinel page to find the September Sentinel and
a Sundry Sheet asking the question "Which Jonathan Scaife?"

June 1 2009: New website launches.

The big day has arrived. The Scaife Study Group has entered the digital age.

May 24 2009: New website to launch June 1.

Almost ready to rock and roll!

Jan 4 2009: New website under beta testing.

Comments about the new website sought.

Dec 31 2008: New website under beta testing.

As the old year comes to a close, this website is taking on its identity. Here's to welcoming lots of new Scaife researchers in 2009.