Scaife Sentinel (Journal of the SSG)

  • "and wither'd murder,
    Alarum'd by his sentinel, the wolf,
    Whose howl's his watch..."
  • (William Shakespeare, Macbeth)

    The Group's first journal was entitled the "Scaife Sentinel". The series was published three times a year between August 1997 and August 2002. Anything concerning the research into the Scaife surname and its variants has been printed in the Sentinel, including articles, letters, enquiry columns, discussions of topical genealogical issues, academic research etc. Each edition runs to approximately 30 pages in length.

    Regular features have included the following:

    • Records Officer's Corner (details of recently received information and handy tips for the researcher)
    • Braisty Woods Revisited (10 part history of this Nidderdale based Scaife family [incomplete]).
    • My Scaife Ancestry (13 part serialised history of the Mowbray branch of Scaifes).
    • Amy Scaife's Voyage to Australia (six part series documenting the voyage of Reginald and Amy Scaife to Melbourne in 1853)
    • William Scaife of Henry County, Virginia - six part series [incomplete]
    • Quaker Scaifes - four part series concntrating on the north-west England Quaker Scaife
    • Subject Searches (profiles of specific Scaifes)
    • Church and Parish (brief historical details noting which Scaifes worshipped there)
    • Ancestral Homes (frequently including a photo)

    A second series of the Sentinel started in May 2009.