Scaife in Copt Hewick and possibly Ilton/Masham/moorheads etc

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Scaife in Copt Hewick and possibly Ilton/Masham/moorheads etc

Hi all

I thought I would reintroduce my Scaife interests having let my membership slip a few years ago due to ill health.

I am a Scaife by marriage. My late husband was Trevor Charles Scaife born 1941 York.
His father was Charles Scaife born 1912 York who married Hilda Oglesby
Charles' father was Albert Scaife born 1882 York and died in 1917 in France WW1. He married Minni Burton
Albert's father was William Scaife born 1857 in Bempton and later moved to York. He married Mary Ann Ellis
William's father was William Scaife born 1814 in Stillington. (I can't find this on the IGI/baptism). He married Hannah Barker. On the 1851 he is a shoe maker living in Bempton but later moved to York.

Many years ago I was conversing with John H regarding our ancestry and we had quite a little laugh over the course of our emails re. Viking ancestry etc etc. John very kindly pointed me in the right direction as follows:

William's father was William born 1793 Copt Hewick who married Ann Caygill. This threw me completely because his parents were Thomas and Eleanor Howerd and they married in 1782 in Masham. If William was born in 1793 then he was only 13 when he married so then a bolt of lightening struck me and I realised this was probably a typo - and should have said 1783.

Here is my dilemma.
Thomas who married Eleanor Howerd (sometimes called Ellen on PR entries in Masham). Thomas was bapt. 15/03/1761 Masham. They married 1782 Masham, botp. The marriage says he was a husbandman.
They had a son William bapt. 22/09/1783 Masham, "son of Thomas and Ellen of Ilton".
However, I have a removal order from Ancestry dated 13/04/1795 of Thomas Skaife and family from Copt Hewick to Brunton (and BTW I have no idea where Brunton is unless it's the Brunton by Doncaster which is miles away???) for the removal of Thomas Skaife labourer and Ellen his wife, William, Robert, Ellen, Thomas and John. It says removal of paupers.
Then I found on FMP Ripon Cathedral baptisms:
William bapt. 07/12/1783 son of Thomas Scafe of Copt Hewick
Ellen bapt. 09/01/1787 dau of ditto, of Copt Hewick
Thomas bapt. 17/02/1789 son of ditto, of Copt Hewick
Elizabeth bapt. 19/10/1791 dau of ditto, of Copt Hewick
I cannot find baptisms for Robert and John anywhere.

So my question is, how do I establish which one is my William? The one bapt. 22/09/1783 Masham or the one bapt. 07/12/1783 Ripon Cathedral?

I am really hoping someone can point me in the right direction here as I am stuck.

Many thanks in anticipation
Regards Lynne