Supporting the project

The more donors who contribute to the project, the more certain we can be that the results are accurate. Furthermore, we may be able to answer some of those currently unanswered genealogical questions and shrink the number of groups in the Table of Kinship through linking related branches.

The Scaife Study Group was fortunate to be able to fund the first few tests during the prototype phase, but unfortunately that is unlikely to be sustainable. Anyone interested in donating their DNA should proceed as follows:

  • The donor must be a direct male descendant of a Scaife (or variant spellings)
  • Contact one of the Committee with details of your Scaife family tree back to at least before 1900.
  • The Committee will review the application and see if we can successfully place your pedigree in a known branch of the family.
  • We will contact you and you will then be given the option to place an application with our surname project at a time of your choosing.
  • The Committee will also inform you if any partial funding is available at the time of your application (this may be available from time to time).

Anyone willing to donate money to the project (either to further its cause or support their own previously accepted DNA application) is welcome to donate and should contact us using the link at the bottom of this page.

Overview results regarding related Scaife groups are made available freely on our website with any personal or identifying details omitted. These are destroyed after the results have been processed in line with the Group's aim to retain records only before 1900. Further details are made available through our publications which are circulated to current members of the Group. Additionally, those who have donated either their DNA or a sum greater than £50 (or equivalent currency) will be entitled to receive any DNA related publications that are produced.