Winton Scaifes

In a pedigree submitted at Appleby in 1664 Major Robert Scaife detailed the basis of his claim for the right to use his family's Coat of Arms. There were at various times, a number of other large Scaife families in the area, notably those at Asby, Raisgill Hall near Orton and Crosby Garrett. These are likely to have been connected in some way to the Winton Scaifes.

Major Robert Scaife was married to Mary Colville, daughter of John Colville of Dale. This family also claimed the right to use a Coat of Arms. Robert was descended from a well-established Scaife family who were at Asby from at least the 13th century. His ancestor John Scaife was MP for Appleby in the Parliaments of 1312-13 and 1327-29, and was able to extend the family's interests considerably.

During the Civil War, Major Robert's brothers, Major Arthur Scaife (see below) and Cornet Lanclot [sic] Scaife were of Cromwellian sympathies and Arthur in particular made gains during the period of sequestration. He was obviously a fiery and feared character. After the Restoration, when challenged over his right of tenancy at Helbeck Hall, a few miles from Winton, he threatened to "run his sword through the guts" of anyone who attempted to evict him.